5 Best Gunflint Trail Hikes

The Gunflint Trail, a paved road set in a beautiful landscape, leads those who follow it deep into the Minnesota Wilderness. Located in the NorthEastern corner of the state, and beginning in the small town of Grand Marais, this road is a cherished one to those who have been fortunate enough to know it. The trail brings lakes, cabins, lodges, moose, canoe camping, and of course hiking.

I've done the scouting. I have compiled this list of my top 5 hikes on the Gunflint Trail in Northern Minnnesota.


Located on Clearwater Road. This hike is short, easy, and provides a spendid view over of lakes and forest from the top. Hiking to the top of Honeymoon Bluff involves many stairs. In the winter it may be wise to wear traction suppements on your footwear. My best pro tip for this hike is to plan to be at the top during sunset. Bring a headlamp though.


Located on Clearwater Lake. This is a unique hike. First, it is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Also, you get to canoe,kayak, or boat out to the start of this hike. With patience you will locate the trail head on the shoreline of the lake at the bottom of the Palisades. The hike is not incredibly long. The destination on this adventure is the top of the Palisades. The view from the top is incredible.


Located at Gunflint Lodge. This hike can be accessed from Gunflint Lodge. Another hike with a view, the top of this moderately difficult hike overlooks Gunflint Lake and the Narrows to Magnetic Lake. A vista worth sweating to reach. There is typically a breeze (or crazy wind) at the top of the cliffs; a nice way to cool off after a hike with a steep incline towards the top.


Located on roadside approx 50 miles down the Gunflint Trail. There truly is a magnetic rock at the far end of this out-and-back trail. There are different opinions on how this large magnetic rock appeared out in the wilderness. My opinion is that it is a pretty sweet rock. Bring a compass and a magnet to see the rock in action! I've seen my fair share of moose and even one black bear while hiking this trail. Keep an eye out around the overlooks and swampy areas throughout the hike.


Located at the Chik Wauk Museum. Chik Wauk offers a museum, educational presentations, history, activities, and hiking trails. Blueberry Hill is a hike that is properly named. August brings abundant berries and if you time it right, this is a place to pick them! The hike itself begins in low land and inclines to the top of a massive rocky hill. The top of the hill makes for tough navigation as vegetation is sparse. There is a bench at the very top. A nice place to sit and look out over Boundary Waters Lakes. If your eyes are sharp, you may see canoeists paddling their way through part of the Boundary Waters.

There are plenty of lovely trails along the Gunflint Trail. Unearth yourself a little. Start with these lovelies and then go find your own favorites.