7 Gorgeous Senior Photo Locations in Central Minnesota

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Over the winter, I spent time planning, envisioning, and executing what I dreamed the little gift shop in the studio could grow into. My dream of a hometown boutique that offers locally sourced and handcrafted items is coming true! All winter the gift shop and studio has been open by appointment only. During this time, so much has evolved in the space. This upcoming summer, the gift shop and studio will be open much more often. Stop by and check it out!

Some of the MANY new features in the gift shop: kid’s knit hats, greeting cards for many occasions, candles and more candles, canvas prints, locally made dresses, and some home decor!

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WHAT: Mini family photo sessions

WHEN: Saturday June 4th, email me for times


COST: $100 per family (no extra fee for photo files, this is all you will pay!)

Last summer, I found that my family photo sessions were not always exactly what families were looking for. Some families do not want a photo session at a location of their choosing with all of the angles, at a specific time (usually sunset golden hour). Some families want simple and efficient photos captured professionally and affordably. I am making this happen in early June. There will be a few slots open to have multiple families take photos all in one day. Families will meet at my studio location (511 Main Street, Holdingford MN) ready for photos. We will walk behind the studio to the wobegon trail to the photo session location. Photo sessions will be 15 minutes long. You will receive 5+ finished digital files sent via Google Drive within two weeks of the session date. Photos can be printed, posted to social media, and used however you would like. I strive to meet the needs of those in our community, and you have inspired me to make this a possibility!


Email: jodi.midd.create@gmail with a date in mind OR call/text 320.828.6400


Have you dreamed of camping in the wilderness? Did you know Minnesota is home to the most impressive wilderness in the US? Okay, that is just my opinion… but it truly is wonderful. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) is a place to canoe, camp in the wilderness, and disconnect from your devices.

Myself and a dear friend, Rachael Schauer, lead BWCA Retreats for women specifically. We guide you, teach you, and prepare you for this retreat of a lifetime so you are ready by the time the retreat arrives. We are hosting a virtual meeting where interested women can listen to us tell you about the trips we have planned for the summer, and you can ask questions as well. The meetings are coming up in mid March and we would love if you joined. If you want to receive a link to the meeting, email me at OR go HERE to get on the waitlist. Last year our spots were filled within days, so the waitlist ensures you have a chance to sign up before spots are filled.

Check out these videos of lovely BWCA trips of the past!

This is a good one!

So is this one


Photography, gift shop, BWCA retreats, what else could Jodi be up to? I also have a YouTube channel. I make loads of videos about Minnesota, Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, and places to stay/things to do. If you have any cool ideas or things I should include, let me know! It is a huge passion of mine.

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If you are a newsletter follower and would like to join on the Family Photo Mini Session Day (JUNE 4TH, READ ABOVE SECTION FOR DETAILS). Your session fee will be $80 for your family session! Email me to reserve your spot before they fill!

Thank you for joining the journey and keeping up with Jodi Photography. Feel free to share with your local friends and reach out to me with questions or comments!

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5 Best Gunflint Trail Hikes

The Gunflint Trail, a paved road set in a beautiful landscape, leads those who follow it deep into the Minnesota Wilderness. Located in the Northeastern corner of the state, and beginning in the small town of Grand Marais, this road is a cherished one to those who have been fortunate enough to know it. The Gunflint Trail brings lakes, cabins, lodges, moose, canoe camping, and of course hiking.

I've done the scouting. I have compiled this list of my top 5 hikes on the Gunflint Trail in Northern Minnnesota. Many of the photos in my Gallery were taken on these trails.


Located on Clearwater Road. This hike is short, easy, and provides a spendid view over of lakes and forest from the top. Hiking to the top of Honeymoon Bluff involves many stairs. In the winter it may be wise to wear traction suppements on your footwear. My best pro tip for this hike is to plan to be at the top during sunset. Bring a headlamp though.


Located on Clearwater Lake. This is a unique hike. First, it is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Also, you get to canoe,kayak, or boat out to the start of this hike. With patience you will locate the trail head on the shoreline of the lake at the bottom of the Palisades. The hike is not incredibly long. The destination on this adventure is the top of the Palisades. The view from the top is incredible.


Located at Gunflint Lodge. This hike can be accessed from Gunflint Lodge. Another hike with a view, the top of this moderately difficult hike overlooks Gunflint Lake and the Narrows to Magnetic Lake. A vista worth sweating to reach. There is typically a breeze (or crazy wind) at the top of the cliffs; a nice way to cool off after a hike with a steep incline towards the top.


Located on roadside approx 50 miles down the Gunflint Trail. There truly is a magnetic rock at the far end of this out-and-back trail. There are different opinions on how this large magnetic rock appeared out in the wilderness. My opinion is that it is a pretty sweet rock. Bring a compass and a magnet to see the rock in action! I've seen my fair share of moose and even one black bear while hiking this trail. Keep an eye out around the overlooks and swampy areas throughout the hike.


Located at the Chik Wauk Museum. Chik Wauk offers a museum, educational presentations, history, activities, and hiking trails. Blueberry Hill is a hike that is properly named. August brings abundant berries and if you time it right, this is a place to pick them! The hike itself begins in low land and inclines to the top of a massive rocky hill. The top of the hill makes for tough navigation as vegetation is sparse. There is a bench at the very top. A nice place to sit and look out over Boundary Waters Lakes. If your eyes are sharp, you may see canoeists paddling their way through part of the Boundary Waters.

There are plenty of lovely trails along the Gunflint Trail. Unearth yourself a little. Start with these lovelies and then go find your own favorites.

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